Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shopping the Weekend Away

I bought this vintage dress at an estate sale and then modernized it by shortening the hem and the sleeves. More pictures of the transformation to come later:) The dress was also an incredible price: $1.50! This scarf was also purchased at an estate sale for 25 cents.

My newest clutch! A darling shade of pink for only 25 cents which was purchased at an estate sale.
A new ring. Sorry for the blurry picture. 50 cents at an estate sale.
I love the gold chain on this purse. It was the main reason I purchased it, that and the price which was 50 cents!
Isn't this hat lovely? I purchased it at an estate sale for only 25 cents-talk about a great deal!
This is probably my best deal of the weekend. A long vintage fur coat purchased at an estate sale. Can you guess the price? $3.75!
I bought another hat for 25 cents. Isn't it cute?
I can't wait to wear this skirt! It has stripes of orange, purple, pink and brown on it and has a high-waistline. It was acquired at a thrift shop for $3.50.
A fake diamond ring and fake pearls. Each cost $1.50 at an estate sale.
I bought this red and white striped button down at a thrift shop for $2.50.
Ah my new beret! Don't you just love the word beret? I got this at an estate sale for the reduced price of 75 cents. I think it was hand-knit.
My darling gloves. I have wanted gloves for a while but I wasn't willing to spend $5+ on them. Yeah, I know I'm cheap. This gloves have little white beading detail at the top and only cost me 75 cents.
I'm not sure when I'll wear these but I couldn't resist them with the price tag of 99 cents.
I also went to a fabric store this weekend. Their fabrics were on sale which delighted me. The pink lace only cost $1 per yard, the green fabric only cost $1 per yard and the black and white printed fabric cost $3 per yard.

The deals were great this weekend and I found quite a few of them. I'm glad I went shopping! Did anyone else do any great shopping this past weekend?

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