Sunday, June 10, 2018

Poshmark: A Gold Mine for Feeding My Jeffrey Campbell Addiction

Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography

Hello! Expensive shoes dominate my wardrobe. They have the power to instantly elevate any look. And let's be real, I have a major weakness for statement booties and killer heels. I favor bold footwear choices and am always looking for deals on Jeffrey Campbell shoes in particular. I purchased my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell heels back in August of 2012: a black suede platform pair of heels that remained in my wardrobe for years- until they literally fell apart. I discovered the shoe brand in high school but my 16 year old self couldn't really afford a $150-$250 pair of shoes. Okay, 16 year old Tori couldn't really even THINK about buying a pair of $150-$250 shoes. So I snatched up that black platform pair of Jeffrey Campbells when I found them on sale for less than $60.

And that began the string of Jeffrey Campbell purchases that define my personal style today. I purchased a rich red leather pair of platform heels on sale shortly after the black pair followed by another pair on sale- beautiful nude heels. And those nude heels actually still sit in my wardrobe today.

So long story short, I was hooked after my first Jeffrey Campbell purchase but the thought of casually buying such expensive shoes is truly comical given my limited, broke twenty-something budget. However, if there's one thing that I've proved through blogging about fashion, it's that you can dress exceedingly well on a budget- you just have to get a little creative. I shopped shoe sales on Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal for years after my first Jeffrey Campbell purchase but sometimes even those sales didn't offer me options that I could afford. I'm on a shoestring fashion budget, y'all.

In 2016, I discovered a Jeffrey Campbell gold mine: Poshmark. Poshmark, an online shopping app, allows users to buy and sell new and gently used clothing, accessories and shoes. And they have an INCREDIBLE selection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes- at great prices. Poshmark makes it easy to score a good deal on Jeffrey Campbells no matter what your style. I have a confession to make: I've actually bought 5 pairs of Jeffrey Campbells on Poshmark this year so far. The cute little orange espadrille heels that I'm wearing above were one of my latest Jeffrey Campbell Poshmark scores; I purchased them for just $25 in gorgeous vintage condition.

I styled them with a few other vintage pieces for an eye-catching, 70s boho look- a look that cost me less than $40. I purchased the gorgeous, vintage white lace dress for just $5 at a local "junk shop," I thrifted the pink butterfly sunglasses for just $1 and the retro suitcase and orange earrings were a gift to me from my parents. An outfit that cost less than my monthly wifi bill? Now, that's fashion that I support!

Photos by Rachel Dwyer Photography. You can browse through more of her work on her website here or her Instagram here.

White lace dress: Vintage, thrifted
Retro suitcase: Vintage
Oversize sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Pink butterfly sunglasses: Thrifted
Orange espadrille heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark



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