Wednesday, June 20, 2018

8 Style Suggestions for the 4th of July

Hello! Out of all of the holidays, I'd definitely list the 4th of July as my favorite holiday to dress for- by far. It gives us a reason to play around with patriotic, red-white-and-blue color combinations and also gives me another excuse to refer to Wet Hot American Summer and the 70s for styling inspiration. I have a fondness for vintage fashion- styles from the seventies in particular- so it should come as no surprise that I love to experiment with retro seventies Americana styles. Patriotic red, white and blue fashions trended in the seventies for several reasons; a major reason being our 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1976. You can find many gorgeous vintage pieces from the 70s with major Americana appeal that are perfect for wearing on the 4th of July; I recall a red, white and blue zig zag striped dress from the seventies that I thrifted a few years ago in particular. 

I enjoy rocking red-white-and-blue aesthetics all year long but I know that not everyone shares my appreciation for the patriotic style. So I decided to round up a list of 8 style suggestions for the 4th of July- these tips will keep you fashionably festive- without feeling tacky- keep reading to check them out: 

Photo by Nicholas Von Throwerl

1. Tie a red, white and blue bandana around your neck. Gotta love this easy, effortless style tip! You could also tie your hair up in the bandana or tie the bandana around your purse. 

Photo by Diego Bustamante

2. Style a denim dress with red accents. A chambray denim dress makes a great choice for the 4th of July; style it to feel more festive with accessories in red hues. I paired a red belt, purse, sunglasses and bandana with the dress here for a patriotic appeal.

Photo by Nicholas Von Throwerl

3. Go all-American with a classic pair of blue jeans. You can't go wrong with blue denim! I love deep blue bellbottoms but you could also rock light blue denim shorts or distressed boyfriend jeans. Select a pair in a high-rise style for added retro appeal. 

Photo by Diego Bustamante

4. Swipe on a fierce shade of red lipstick. Easy! I actually really love Wet 'N Wild's lipsticks because they are extremely (!) affordable as well as impressive; the color stays on well, they're easy to apply and they look nice. Most of my lipsticks are from Wet 'N Wild. 

Photo by Nicholas Von Throwerl

5. Break out a piece of red vintage lingerie. I styled a red-hot, lace trim vintage camisole for this all-American look. A vintage navy nightgown or red bodysuit tucked into a pair of jeans would also work perfectly. 

Photo by Diego Bustamante

6. Wear red sunglasses. This is another easy style tip that will make any look feel more celebratory for the 4th of July. Rock a pair of red sunglasses with your bikini at the pool or with a pair of denim cutoff shorts and a white cropped top for a backyard barbecue. 

Photo by Nicholas Von Throwerl

7. Incorporate a pair of star-shaped sunglasses into your look. How fun! How could you turn down the opportunity to rock a pair of playful sunglasses like these?

Photo by Diego Bustamante

8. Accessorize with pops of red. Voila! 4th of July ready in a matter of minutes. 

Look #1:
Denim bellbottoms: Free People
Red top: Vintage
Yellow star-shaped sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark
Budweiser bandana: Vintage 

Look #2:
Red sunglasses: Thrifted (for just $1!)
Red purse: Vintage
Red belt: Vintage
Budweiser bandana: Vintage
Golden watch: Vintage 
Denim dress: Ashby

Photos by Nicholas Von Thrower (look #1) and Diego Bustamante (look #2.) Hover over photos for credit. 



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