Monday, June 18, 2018

Chelfie: Instant Fashion Feedback

Photo by Elissa Rumford for Chelfie
Photo by Elissa Rumford for Chelfie
Photo by Elissa Rumford for Chelfie
Photo by Elissa Rumford for Chelfie
Photo by Elissa Rumford for Chelfie
Photo by Elissa Rumford for Chelfie
Photo by Elissa Rumford for Chelfie
Photo by Elissa Rumford for Chelfie

Hello! When it comes to selfies, you could say that I take my fair share- especially when it comes to outfit selfies; in fact, I actually probably take more selfies than the average person does (okay, okay, I definitely take more selfies than the average person does.) So when my roommate, Elissa, introduced me to Chelfie, a social shopping/fashion app, I immediately felt intrigued. An app that provides instant fashion feedback and gives users an easy way to make money? Count me in! I'm a-l-w-a-y-s down for another excuse to share my selfies.

Chelfie allows users to shop with friends and share mirror selfies privately with friends or publicly with everyone to get instant feedback. I downloaded the app this past weekend and think it's easy (and fun!) to use. The concept behind it is simple: snap a selfie, share it on the app and get feedback from either your friends- or all the other fashionistas on the app. 

I've already shared a few selfies but I think it's more fun to browse through everyone else's selfies. Sure, you can get instant feedback by sharing your own selfies but you can also get instant inspiration by browsing through everyone else's selfies. It's cool because you swipe through everyone else's selfies- you don't scroll. As opposed to Instagram, it's more like Tinder in the fact that you're presented with a user's #OOTD selfie and you can either swipe left if you don't like it or swipe right if you do. And if you do swipe right, it will be saved to your profile- and you can go back and check it out for inspo again later. It's pretty fun to swipe through everyone's looks- almost like playing a fashion game- and who wouldn't want to be a part of that? 

Another cool aspect of the app is that if you like a look you see, you can shop it directly from Chelfie. And if you share a #OOTD selfie that inspires another Chelfie user to make a purchase, you can even earn money from that. Earning money for sharing my outfit selfies???? Count me in!

Have you ever played around with the Chelfie app before? If not, I recommend downloading it & checking it out for yourself here

Photos by Elissa Rumford. You can browse through more of her work on her website here or her Instagram here

Dress: Forever 21 via Ashby
Feminine robe: Vintage
Pretty pink purse: Vintage
Pink heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark
Pink sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Pink floral earrings: c/o The Gem Co Shop


***Chelfie provided monetary compensation for this post but I wrote the actual post and all opinions written in this post are mine.


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