Wednesday, February 14, 2018

MP Magic Socks: The Best Odorless Socks


Hello! Owen from the MP team recently reached out to me regarding a collaboration for MP Magic Socks and I immediately hopped on board. Their socks use a unique fabric that uses three different metals to eliminate any foot odor. Odorless socks? Count me in! MP Magic Socks sent over two different styles of socks for me to try out: one pair of crew socks and one pair of ankle socks. 

I usually go for trendy, fashion-forward socks but MP Magic Socks are definitely more straightforward, basic socks. Nothing too fancy. I did prefer the crew socks over the ankle socks. They're not usually what I would rock but the concept behind them was what really drew me to them anyways. I tested out both pairs of socks and both pairs delighted me with how they truly eliminated foot odor. 

After working all day long, my feet usually have an unpleasant smell when I take off my shoes. Which is totally normal but not always the most pleasant- especially if I'm over at a friends' house after work and worried about the smell of my feet. And that's where MP Magic Socks come in. After wearing their socks all day at work, I took off my shoes and was surprised by how there was no odor at all. Truly like magic! A couple of my friends even noted the difference when I discussed the socks. 

I will certainly be buying these "magic socks" for myself in the future and would highly recommend that you try them out for yourself too. You'll be surprised by how well they truly work! 

Photos shot by Elissa Rumford and edited by myself. 

Red dress: c/o LA Retro Girl
Red purse: c/o LA Retro Girl
Red aviator sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Black booties: Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters
Statement earrings: Vintage