Saturday, February 17, 2018

How to Rock a Vintage Maxi (or Midi) Skirt

Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Photo by Rachel Dwyer Photography

Hello! It's that time of year again: when you find yourself wearing a winter coat one day and a mini dress sans tights the very next day. It's a tricky time of year when it comes to fashion; temperatures flip flop back and forth- even from early morning to later in the afternoon. So what's a fashion-forward gal supposed to do? Invest in several key winter-to-spring transitional pieces. Maxi and midi skirts in particular work wonderfully for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring. I often prefer vintage pieces to modern ones and when it comes to maxi and midi skirts, I most definitely think that vintage styles outrank modern ones.

Another great thing about vintage maxi and midi skirts? You can easily find them at thrift shops for less than the cost of your weekly pizza. Don't feel like digging through rack after rack at your local thrift shop? LA Retro Girl also carries the most wonderful selection of vintage maxi and midi skirts.  In fact, LA Retro Girl actually sent me the chic maxi skirt that I'm wearing above. Its artistic print, pretty colors and flattering front slit make it an easy, effortless piece to style. LA Retro Girl sells the coolest vintage clothing and accessories online on Unitiques, Poshmark and Etsy. You can see how I've rocked the LA Retro Girl brand in the past on my blog here and here.

But as much as I love vintage maxi and midi skirts, I understand that they can often be more difficult to style. The length of maxi and midi skirts makes them great for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring but their length can also be problematic; I mean hey, there's a lot of fabric in maxi and midi skirts. And the last thing that you want is to be drowning in fabric! You have to be careful to not let the maxi or midi skirt overpower you, or your look. Keep reading for a few different tips on how to rock a vintage maxi or midi skirt this winter/spring:

1. It's all about balance. Maxi/midi skirts = a LOT of fabric. Balance all of that fabric out with a crop top or a tighter top like the form-fitting white turtleneck that I'm wearing in the photos above. Avoid voluminous tops and dramatic sleeves. And most importantly, tuck that top in (with the exception of crop tops that hit above the waist of the skirt.) I'm cringing just thinking about a loose top over a maxi skirt; the combo looks sloppy and that's never the goal. If you layer a sweater over the top that you pair with the skirt, make sure it's a more form-fitting sweater and not a breezy, free-flowing cardigan.

2. Selecting the right pair of shoes is crucial. I took a style risk by pairing my thigh-high boots with my maxi skirt but typically a slim pair of heels or sandals looks best with midi and maxi skirts. Showing just a little bit of ankle will help the skirt feel a little more sexy and a little less "Grandma-esque."

3. Belt it. Like I mentioned earlier, tucking your top into your skirt is the best option. Throwing a belt on over that combination will make the outfit even more flattering as the belt will cinch in the your waist.

4. Try out different silhouettes and shapes of maxi and midi skirts. Maxi and midi skirts with slits will always be my favorite as I love the movement that they create. Slits also help you avoid drowning in all of the skirt's fabric.

What do y'all think of vintage maxi and midi skirts? You can shop a couple of my favorite LA Retro Girl maxi/midi skirts here and here. Expect to see me wearing more of them this spring!

Photos by Rachel Dwyer Photography. You can browse more of her work on her website here or her Instagram here.

Maxi skirt: c/o LA Retro Girl
White turtleneck: via a clothing swap
Black lace-up boots: Nasty Gal
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Blue purse: Vintage
Earrings: Wish


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