Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Daisy Daze

Photo by Belle Farmer Photo
Photo by Belle Farmer Photo
Photo by Belle Farmer Photo
Photo by Belle Farmer Photo
Photo by Belle Farmer Photo

Hello! Vintage sizes are weird, y'all. I thrifted a little pair of red bell bottom pants marked a size '7' a few months ago and when I tried to slide them on, I couldn't even get them up to my knees. Now let me be clear here, size does not matter to me at all. I haven't weighed myself in years and if you ask me my size, chances are I'd just look back at you puzzled. Sizes? What are sizes? Numbers on tags that supposedly indicate if a garment is going to fit you? Screw numbers, am I right? Screw sizes; different brands run differently, sizes change frequently and quite frankly, what in the world gave a number the power to determine how someone feels about themself? I'm not going to worry about a silly little number which is largely the reason I have no idea what size I wear. That and the fact that I don't wear bottoms and thus, essentially have zero need to rely on number sizing.

Those size '7' bellbottoms? They fit the tiniest model who has ever modeled for RaddayVintage who typically wears the smallest size out there. Clothing sizes are a mess in general but once you delve into vintage, you sort of lose sight of any sizing that makes sense. Sizes have changed so much through time and you really can't rely on that number on the tag to help you figure out who it'll fit; I do most of my styling through estimates. I guess you could say I've gotten pretty good at just judging what will fit who just from looking at both the item and the person.

But this little pink daisy dress threw me for a loop. When I spotted it at a local thrift store on a buying trip for RaddayVintage, I immediately fell in love with its feminine pink color, rad nineties daisy print and chic spring silhouette. I had initially hoped the dress would fit me but when I saw the "4 petite" label, I figured that chances of the dress fitting me would be slim. I'm 5'9" with legs for days and a larger chest that often forces me into size "large" dresses. The chance of me fitting in a petite dress? Laughable at best. But I guess that just goes to show how whack vintage sizing truly can be because I decided to try on the dress and it fit me like a glove.

I couldn't wait to wear the dress and donned it for a recent photoshoot with local Virginia photographer, Belinda Farmer. I styled it with several other cheery pink pieces including a statement pink vintage purse and pastel pink lace-up heels. Seventies-inspired yellow aviator sunglasses and a golden watch perfect the look.

Photos by Belle Farmer Photo. You can check out more of her work on her Instagram @bellefarmerphoto.

Pink daisy dress: Vintage
Pink lace-up heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Pink purse: Vintage
Yellow sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage



  1. Such a pretty dress! Love the daisy print.

  2. looking fabulous a nice pink dress with bags for girls really completes the look of yours

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