Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 Different Ways to Style Your Little Pink Dress

Hello! I recently moved into the house that I purchased a couple months ago which means a LOT of unpacking. While hanging up all of my favorite pieces on my new clothing rack, I noticed something. The color pink. And a lot of it. I organize my clothing by color so it's usually pretty obvious if there's an overwhelming amount of one color clothing. In the past, the color black has always reigned supreme in my wardrobe with about half of my wardrobe consisting of black-colored pieces.

Out of curiosity I decided to go ahead and count exactly how many pieces of pink clothing versus pieces of black clothing were present in my wardrobe and surprised myself by counting more pink items than black items. I know that I've been loading up on lots of pink recently but I had no idea that I actually do now indeed own more pink than black. But hey, I'm not complaining. Black may seem like the easiest color to style but let me tell you, styling looks around pink dresses, tops and bottoms is just as easy. Don't believe me? Well, I've rounded up three of my favorite ways to style my little pink dresses to share with you all. Read on for instant outfit inspo:

Option #1

Option #1: Femme in pink. Select a pink dress with feminine detailing like the one above. Emphasize the feminine appeal of both the color and style of the dress by pairing it with classically elegant accessories such as an ornate clutch and statement pearl earrings. This look is perfect for Sunday brunch with the fam or your next big interview.

Option #2

Option #2: Nineties queen. Select a pink dress with a nineties-inspired silhouette like this bodycon slip dress. Style it with accessories with major nineties attitude such as a platform pair of heels, statement choker necklace, circle shades and cutesy daisy purse. This look is perfect for lunch with your love or a night out on the town with your girls.

Option #3

Option #3: High-fashion monochromatic pink icon. Select a pink dress with an interesting, trendy silhouette like this one. Style it with pink accessories with major fashion flair such as holographic pink heels and a unique pair of pink sunglasses. Wear this look for an art gallery opening party or date night.


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