Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Meet My Boyfriend (and Enter to Win a JORD Watch!)


Hello! Well look who it is... my boyfriend! If you know me personally then you probably already know of my boyfriend, Taylor. I don't feature photos of him or us often on my blog or social media outlets but he's definitely a major part of my life. We've been dating for almost two years but he tends to shy away from the camera [read: he hates being in front of the camera.] I feel that I've never truly properly introduced him to you all before so when JORD, a wooden watch retailer, reached out to me regarding a men's style collaboration, I immediately hopped on board.

As Taylor and I began to peruse JORD's incredible selection of unique watches, we quickly realized that selecting one of their watches was going to be tough- there were so many great options to choose from! We wanted a watch that would reflect Taylor's masculine and rock-inspired personal style so we decided upon their Conway watch in dark sandalwood & burgundy which retails for $229 here. The rich wooden texture and dark burgundy color perfectly complement his rock-and-roll tastes. I love how the watch looks on him and am so happy that JORD sent it over. Do I receive best girlfriend award for gifting my boyfriend this stunning watch? I'd like to think so- thanks JORD!

Taylor and I share a taste for the style of the seventies so I styled our looks for this shoot around that. I styled him in one of my favorite shirts in his wardrobe- this cool blue paisley button down. I love how the psychedelic pattern of the shirt plays up the stylish details of his watch. I slipped on a blue tie dye dress myself to complement the seventies style and blue color of his button-down. I layered on the boho charm with stacks of free-spirited rings and bracelets. I also took the opportunity to strut my stuff in my new seventies disco heels. We both grabbed our favorite shades to complete our looks; I slipped on a soft pastel pink pair of oversized sunglasses while he grabbed an edgier pair of reflective aviators.

Overall, we're incredibly happy with the watch that JORD sent over and would highly recommend checking them out. They offer both men's watches and women's watches so you can either pick one up for yourself or as a gift for your sweetheart. I do have to admit- I'm sort of envious of Taylor's watch! But hey, at least my boyfriend's killin' the watch game.

Now I have a little treat for you all: a giveaway! JORD didn't just send over a watch for my boyfriend, they're also going to be sending one of their attractive Conway watches to one lucky Fashion, Trends & More reader. All you have to do is enter through their site HERE for a chance to win. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enter... like seriously though- I wish I could! Giveaway ends 4/30/17. Everyone who enters and doesn't win will receive a $25 consolation code. Can't wait for your own watch? Use code fashiolf5w0k for 15% off your own JORD purchase. Code expires 6/30/17.

Photos of Taylor and I shot by Elissa Rumford.

On me:
Tie dye dress: c/o Shein
Pink sunglasses: Rumors
Disco heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters
Boho rings: Assorted
Boho bracelets: Assorted
Purse: Gifted to me by my mom

On Taylor:
Watch: c/o JORD
Paisley shirt: Rumors
Reflective sunglasses: Bygones


Luxury Wooden Watch

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