Saturday, March 18, 2017

Winter to Spring


Hello! Ugh, where did spring go? I know it's not officially spring yet but the unusually warm weather that we've been experiencing the past few weeks here in Richmond tricked me into thinking that spring came early this year. But boy, was I wrong; temperatures have dropped back down and every time I step outside, the wind cruelly slaps me in the face, proving that spring hasn't truly arrived quite yet. The recent erratic weather has made getting dressed much more difficult because you never quite know if it's going to reach 80 degrees or if it'll snow.

For this look I put together a sort of winter meets spring outfit. This outfit can easily be adjusted to work for the warmer weather or chillier weather with a few tweaks here and there. I started styling the look around a high-waisted pair of vintage pants; their fresh white color feels appropriate for spring while their silhouette protects my legs against the lingering cold. I slipped on a black cut-out crop top with the pants. Its cropped silhouette and cut-out detailing work well for spring while its long sleeves make it somewhat okay for colder weather. By pairing the crop top with a pair of very high-rise pants, only a little sliver of my stomach was left bare. I added a stylish touch of fun to the look with a vintage leopard print faux fur jacket. Simple golden jewelry, neutral heels and a voluptuous ponytail perfected the look.

White pants: Vintage
Black crop top: c/o DressLink
Neutral heels: c/o Musse and Cloud
Leopard print jacket: Vintage
Golden cat earrings: Vintage


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