Monday, May 11, 2015

Embracing Messy Hair


Hello! The summer heat is finally here and if you live on the east coast like I do then you know that an unpleasant humidity accompanies the summer heat. The summer heat and humidity are two of the biggest challenges I face when doing my hair. It gets frizzy as well as seemingly appears to get thicker; both traits make it near impossible to handle. 

Additionally, this length of hair is the hardest hair length for me to handle; I prefer it a few inches shorter or a few inches longer. However, I'm trying to grow it out so as tempting as it is to just chop off a few inches for instant satisfaction, I know that I shouldn't cut it. 

Throughout the past few days, I've spent way too much time doing my hair, trying to get everything right and in the end just wanting to throw my hairbrush and bobby pins all over the place. And well quite frankly, that's one of the worst ways to start the day. If you follow my twitter @ToriRadday, you probably saw my tweet that a "bad hair day = bad day."

After a particularly rough attempt to tame my hair this morning, I've decided to embrace messy hair. It takes less time, is easier and less stressful to just embrace messy hair instead of trying to fight with your hair. I'm going to try to use less heat on my hair this summer and spend less time worrying about what it looks like. Hey, riding in the car with windows down means that my hair is going to be messier anyways. So I urge you guys to do the same- embrace the breezy, undone hair look and worry less about what your hair looks like and more on making the most of your summer. 

For this look, I borrowed a free-spirited elephant print top from my sister's wardrobe and paired it with a basic black circle skirt. I accentuated the bohemian feeling of the shirt with layers of golden jewelry, a vintage clutch, the perfect round sunglasses from Giant Vintage and a pair of hippie wedges. I just purchased these wedges yesterday and couldn't wait to style them. The textured strap, faux wooden heel and platform style of these wedges make them my ideal summer shoe. Even better yet, they only cost $14! I love Steve Madden shoes and have a feeling that this pair will be no different. 

Wedges: Steve Madden
Black circle skirt: H&M
Elephant shirt: borrowed from my sister
Clutch: Vintage Etienne Aigner
Bracelets: Vintage
Bird necklace: Charlotte Russe
Druzy necklace: Ashby
Green stone necklace: Vintage
Golden circle necklace: c/o Robert Matthew
Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage

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