Thursday, May 14, 2015

11 Tips to Amp Up Your Style this Summer

Outfit #1

Hello! The first day of summer technically is June 21st but gosh knows it already feels like summer. Scorching temperatures and not having class contribute to the "hello summer" mood I'm in. And summer always feels like the hardest season for me to dress well. Hot, humid weather prevents me from wearing the clothes (and layers) that I'm usually used to wearing. It can be very easy to fall in a fashion rut during the summer. It's tempting to just slip on the same shorts and plain top again and again. Because hey it's easy, right? And with it being so hot outside, it's typical to be drawn to easy options like a bee is drawn to honey. Well this summer, don't let yourself fall into that boring summer look rut! There are plenty of other easy alternatives to slipping on blah summer outfits. Let your denim shorts sit back in your wardrobe and follow these tips for hotter summer looks.

Tip #1: Play around with different textures. Lace, crochet and silky textures are all ideal for summer and add an element of interest to any look. Pick up a crochet top to throw on with your favorite pair of shorts or a lace kimono to pair with your favorite summer dresses or over a bathing suit for a river trip. Even better yet, play around with those textures by pairing them together like I did in the look above. I love the way that the crochet texture of the top, lace texture of the kimono and silky texture of the shorts all accentuate each other. 

Tip #2: Add unexpected pops of color. Wearing a neutral-colored outfit? Throw on one piece (like the deep burgundy shoes in the look above) in an unexpected color to make a statement. 

Tip #3: Layer statement pieces together. Amp up the intensity of your look by slipping on several statement pieces of jewelry together. 

Tip #4: Borrow pieces from your friends' wardrobes. Suddenly planning outfits seems much easier when you have double the amount of clothes to style outfits from. You can bet that I'll be borrowing clothes from my sister's wardrobe all summer long! 

Tip #5: Invest in a pair of wedges (or sandals if you're not a heels girl) that you'll wear all summer long. Pick a pair that will take you from shopping with a friend to nights on the town. Trust me, you won't regret it. These shoes will be the staple of your wardrobe this summer. 

Outfit #2

Tip #6: Update pieces in your wardrobe by DIY-ing them to create a new look. Have a boring old tank top? Sew daisies on the top to create a fresh new tank top like the one in the outfit above. There are countless DIY ideas that you could use to update your wardrobe; I would recommend browsing Pinterest for ideas. 

Tip #7: Play with prints. Have fun and try combining different prints for playful summer looks. I love how the two florals complement each other in the outfit above.

Tip #8: Rely less and less on black and experiment with more color. Use summer as an excuse to ditch the black in your wardrobe and try to incorporate more color into your wardrobe. I'm definitely a fan of black clothing but have been trying to wear more and more color this spring/summer season and am a fan of the results of relying less on black.

Outfit #3

Tip #9: Experiment with different silhouettes. Skorts, oversize tops, etc. Don't limit yourself to the same old, same old summer silhouettes of cropped tops and booty shorts.

Tip #10: Invest in a romper that you love. This romper will take you everywhere this summer. It can be dressed up to go out in or dressed down to go have lunch with a friend in or even worn as a bathing suit cover up.

Tip #11: Don't take your outfits too seriously. It is summer after all! Have fun with quirky, playful accessories such as bold yellow sunglasses or a pineapple clutch. 

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