Saturday, October 18, 2014

Twin Peaks Fashion Inspiration

Twin Peaks

Hello! Have you guys heard the news about Twin Peaks yet?

Recently, Showtime announced that nine new episodes of Twin Peaks will premiere in 2016. I can't wait and will be re-watching the first two seasons of Twin Peaks all over again.

Twin Peaks instantly gathered a cult following in the early 90's. Twin Peaks was set in 1989 in a secretive small town and investigates the murder of Laura Palmer. This suspenseful mystery TV show only aired for two seasons yet left watchers begging for more.

Besides a mysterious plot and cult following, Twin Peaks established a distinct style that I draw fashion inspiration from. The style is very reminiscent of the late 1980's and early 1990's which should come as no surprise as Twin Peaks was set in 1989.

One thing that you'll be swooning over again and again while watching Twin Peaks is the wide variety of knit sweaters. I love the textures of all the different sweaters- nubby sweaters, cashmere sweaters, tight knit sweaters and so on and so on. I also love the various, high necklines, eclectic prints and neutral colors of the sweaters. The Cut rounded up all of the different sweaters on Twin Peaks in a slideshow HERE. 118 sweaters in all- can you believe that?? Definitely sweater inspiration in Twin Peaks. Look to your nearest thrift shops to pick up a few of your own Twin Peaks sweaters.

Another wardrobe staple that stands out in Twin Peaks is classic blazers. They are very structured and contribute to the investigative mood on the show. Additionally, characters are frequently seen in prim and proper button up blouses.

A couple other key pieces in the wardrobes of the Twin Peaks characters are pencil skirts and delicate, lace camisoles. A key print of the show would definitely be plaid which is seen in jackets, skirts and sweaters on set.

Have you guys ever watched Twin Peaks? What do you think about the fashion in this cult TV show?

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