Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1990's Inspired

Hello! My look today was very much inspired by the 1990's. Grunge fashions captured the attention of  many people living in the early 1990's. Grunge fashion is defined as grimy and tough. Plaid, combat boots (specifically Doc Martens), unkempt hair, dark lipstick and dark colors ruled the decade. Picture John Bender from Breakfast Club and you have a perfect example of fashions from the 1990's. Both sexes rocked the look.

I incorporated many of these elements into this look- an oversized plaid blazer, dark colors, gray lipstick and combat boots. However, I decided to forgo messy hair and instead straightened my hair. Green tights finished off my look to keep it from being too dark.

Velvet dress & plaid blazer: Vintage
Green tights: unknown
Combat boots: Target
Studded belt: Aeropostale
Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage Sunglasses


  1. I defiantly see the 90's in this look! Love the jacket :)


  2. such a cute 90s look! totally loving the oversize vintage blazer.

  3. i like that quirky tartan blazer!

  4. Your blazer looks really cozy, and the green tights are genius! This brings back fond memories of me wearing floral maxi dresses layered under plaid shirts in the '90s!

  5. Awesome green tights!!

    I see you're in Richmond...not too far from me!

  6. love the plaid blazer!