Monday, November 26, 2012

7 Money Saving Tips

7 Money Saving Tips

Hello! As you guys may know when it comes to purchasing clothing, shoes or accessories, I am extremely thrifty. I question any purchase over $10. I know that’s a little bit extreme but why spend more money than you have to? Below are my best clothing-related money saving tips.

1. Shop at thrift/consignment shops. You can’t beat the prices at thrift and consignment shops! Most thrift shops are non-profit and are just trying to make money to donate to a certain charity or cause (which besides the money-saving reason is another reason I love to shop at thrift shops). They get many donations and therefore, must sell their merchandise quickly. Typically, the prices in thrift shops are great with hardly anything costing more than $20. Shop at thrift shops and stock up on cool vintage pieces. You can find great not to mention cheap jewelry and clothing at thrift shops. Consignment shops are similar to thrift shops but they don’t take donations. They buy merchandise from customers and sell the merchandise for more than they paid for it. This results in higher prices at consignment shops than in thrift shops.

2. Shop at discount retail stores like Marshall’s, Ross, T.J. Maxx and Rugged Warehouse. You can often find clothing for more than 50% off retail price. This results in you being able to buy new, high-quality clothing or accessories for a fraction of the retail price. Prices in discount retail stores often start at as low as $5 and go past $100 (for designer goods). I found my faux leather jacket at Marshall’s for only $20!

3. Coupon. Look online for coupons before you make a purchase. is a good site for reliable coupons. Also, check your email to see if the store has recently sent you a coupon. I often get discount codes send to my email account.

4. Wait for it to go on sale. If there is a piece that you love but can’t afford, wait for it to go on sale! Chances are pretty good that you will be able to buy it at a discounted price later in the season and not have to rack up any more credit card debt.

5. DIY. This is my favorite way to save money with my wardrobe. I will buy super cheap clothing at yard sales and thrift shops and turn them into something entirely else. I also like to re-create and re-fresh pieces in my wardrobe that I feel are no longer my style. By creating and recreating your clothing, you are essentially able to customize your wardrobe.

6. Shop the clearance rack. Most stores have a clearance or sales rack towards the back of their store with heavily discounted clothing. They try to hide it away towards the back but be sure to always check that rack to see if you can find something that you like!

7. Shop Refinery29. Refinery29 is an online fashion site where you can buy vouchers to online stores. How it works is you buy a voucher for a larger amount of money than you pay. You can buy $120 vouchers for $60, $100 vouchers for $50, etc. You end up saving about half of what you would have spent. I used Refinery29 to purchase my Jeffrey Campbells for less than $100!