Monday, August 6, 2012

My First Pair of Jeffrey Campbells


Hello! Sorry for the week long hiatus; I was visiting my grandparents up in Connecticut and wasn't able to post. I will tell you more about my trip and great vintage finds in a later post. Now I am going to talk about one of my latest online acquisitions: a pair of Jeffrey Campbells. Yay! When I got home from my trip late last night, I had discovered that my Shop Wasteland package (which contained the JC's and an adorable dress) had arrived in the mail. However, I was so exhausted that I didn't even open up the package. Instead I opened the package up today. I must say that I love the Jeffery Campbells! They are just so perfect :) And one of the great things about these shoes was the price. I know that you must think I blab on and on about how to save money on clothing and accessories but I must share this with you. I purchased a deal off of Refinery 29 in order to buy these shoes. Refinery 29 was selling a Shop Wasteland $135 credit for only $65. They also sent out a coupon to me earlier that day for $10 off any R29 purchase. So I purchased the $135 credit for only $55. Then I scouted out a pair of Jeffrey Campbells I liked for $110 dollars HERE. They were originally $150. (Oh and BTW I just checked the site out again and the JC's that I bought have been reduced to $75. If you are a size 8.5, 9 or 9.5, go for it! I am a size 8. )I still had $25 left on my credit so I bought this dress HERE for $20 that was $32 to begin with ( also just reduced even further to $13. Such a great deal for this cute dress). Shipping was $9 so I ended up paying $4 outside of the credit to make this purchase.

My savings:

Total of everything before all price reductions, credit, etc: $191
Total that I paid: $59
Total savings: $132!!!

Now that's what I call savings!

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