Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Fashion: Your First Day Look

Hello! As you all know, the school year is quickly approaching. For my post today, I collaborated with a few of my favorite high-school fashion bloggers to give you a few tips and tricks on picking out your first day of school outfit. Enjoy! 

Age: 15
Grade Level: 9
Country: Hungary

Why you would wear this on the first day of school: I don't know that is this only in Hungary but students mostly have to wear black and white on every school ceremonies like the school beginning or the school ending and so on. So that's why I would wear that outfit if we wouldn't have a school uniform for the ceremonies. I think it's casual and perfect for the weather as well.

Any tips for picking out a first day of school look? I think you should wear something comfortable but a little bit casual at the same time because you know the first day of school is only once in a year so it should be a bit different from your other outfits.

Hope of Simply Hope
Age: 17
Grade level: 12 (Senior in Highschool)
Country: USA

Why you would wear this outfit on the first day back to school: I would wear this outfit because it's cute,fashionable and really comfortable! I also like to make a statement on the first day back and I think red suspenders would do just that!
Any tips for picking out an outfit for the first day of school? I would say not to overdress or overthink your outfit. Pick out one "stand out" item that you want to showcase and build your outfit around it, whether it's some cool kicks,statement necklace, or a rad tee shirt. Also make sure you are comfortable in your outfit! Don't wear something that you are going to fuss with or be self-concious in because you want to feel and look your best:)

Rory of Wearbouts
Age: 16
Country: USA
Grade: 11

Hey Fashion Trends & More readers! I'm Rory from the blog Wear Abouts. I'm 16 (going on 17) and I'll be a junior in September. Choosing my first day outfit has always been a ritual. I try endless pairings of tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, etc until I find the absolute perfect outfit. Some people may say, why dress up on the first day? Why even bother? Well, think of it this way. You haven't seen most of these people in a few months. It's like meeting someone all over again--and you have to make a good impression! Here are my go-to tips for a comfortable, chic, and unforgettable back to school outfit!

1. Highlight your best features. Maybe you're tan from the summer? Or you just got an awesome manicure? Or maybe you have great hair? Whatever it is, make sure it stands out. I'm much tanner than I was at the end of the school year, so this outfit was strategically picked to highlight that! White is a great color to show off a tan and make you look even tanner than you are. 
2. Make sure it's comfortable. You don't want a million things going on, even if it's cute. Layering is awesome and all for winter, but when it's still technically summer, you want to stay cool! Throw on a light jean jacket or cotton blazer over a dress. Don't wear pants, unless your school is air-conditioned (mine isn't...gross). You're going to be in the outfit from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, so make sure that by lunchtime you're still feeling and looking great!
3. Be bold, but not over the top. Like I said, you don't want a million things going on--but not just because it's uncomfortable! You don't want to look like you tried to hard. Make your look effortless with stacked bracelets on one arm and a pretty necklace, but don't go crazy with every kind of jewelry you can imagine. 

Above all, make sure that you love what you're wearing! I feel my best in a pretty mini dress. This number scored on clearance at Forever 21 does the trick for me! I also love to show off my painted toes, so sandals rather than flats are my shoe of choice for the first day. Whatever yours may be, as long as you're confident you're sure to look great!
Jennifer of Art in Our Blood
Age: 16
Grade Level: Senior
Country: USA

Tips: Don't be afraid to stand out! There's no better day than the first day to experiment with a completely new style! I wouldn't suggest wearing heels your first day if you haven't worn them to school before. I'd recommend wearing a maxi dress if you need ideas though! They are comfortable, easy to style, and look rather elegant without forcing it! :) Also, lipstick isn't as commonly worn by highschoolers, but you don't even have to wear deep violet or super red lipstick, you can also opt for a light pink or fuchsia lipstick! I always like to have some type of headpiece on, whether it be a beanie, fedora, turband, hippie headband, etc, it really tops of your look.

Hope that you all enjoyed this article! Anyone else already have their first day looks planned?


  1. i love these back to school looks! wish I was back in high school!


  2. Love all of these looks, especially the first and last one! I don't have an outfit planned yet, but I hope I can get something nice together :-)

    X Saskia

  3. Great post Tori; I loved it!
    You should do a few more of these for different things(:

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  4. The post looks great! All the other bloggers had such great tips for back to school outfits:)

  5. LOVE IT! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this :)

  6. the first outfit is my favorite! this is a fun post :)

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  8. Some great ideas for fall, thanks Tori!

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