Friday, August 10, 2012

Introducing... Mallzee!

Hello! I have a special post for you today- an interview with an innovative, new website, Mallzee. When Mallzee contacted me regarding their site venture, I was very interested. I learned a little more about the company and now I can't wait for the site to go live! I was able to interview one of the brains behind Mallzee, Cally, to learn a little bit more about the site. Read the interview below.

First, can you explain a little bit about the concept behind Mallzee?

Mallzee is all about making shopping social again. We all love shopping at the mall but most of us just shop online now. Why can't we get that Mall fun, chat and help whilst we shop online? That's the concept behind Mallzee! 

How did you come up with the idea for Mallzee?

Our team has been looking at social shopping for a while and it's a space that really excites us and is somewhere we think we can make something really special and change the way people do something. When Mallzee launches later this year we really hope it's going to change the way people shop online - forever! 

PS. A lot of scratching of heads, eating chocolate and late nights came up with the name Mallzee! 

How does Mallzee work?

Mallzee works by finding products matched to your tastes from across the internet. We then let you only show products suited to you from your favourite stores/brands in your online mall - or Mallzee! 

Then using Facebook/Twitter you can chat to your friends about the products on show and have them pick out stuff from different shops. If you're not online your friends can still visit your Mallzee and buy for themselves, or buy you a wee present. 

Thanks to our relationship with companies we then charge them a commission once you click through and buy something from them. We then give this to the owner of the Mallzee which then can then withdraw or give it to charity. 

What are some of the more well-known brands that you are working with? Are you working with Steve Madden or every blogger's favorite, Jeffrey Campbell?

We would love to tell you the big old list of 200+ companies we have signed up but we can't do that just yet. But seriously - watch this space! 

Anything else about Mallzee that you would like to share? 

It's ace, it's fantastic - sign up now at as we are only allowing a certain number of people to have first access and the spots are going fast! Plus, if you do then we will enter you into a couple of comps. 

Thanks, Cally! Now, if I were you I would go sign up for a Mallzee account! I already have and like I said earlier, can't wait to see what the site will be like when it is up and running. Note, I posted about this topic because I thought Mallzee sounded like something that you all would be interested in. Mallzee did not compensate me for writing this article although I may guest blog for them later on. I hope you all enjoyed this post!


  1. A few questions:
    do you have to be a certain age?
    Can you look at it without sighning up?
    Is it easy to use?


    1. Hi! I am relatively sure that you don't have to be a certain age! Mallzee isn't 100% up and running yet so you can't do much but sign up right now so I am not sure if you can look at it without signing up. Because it isn't up yet, I'm not sure if it is easy to use but from what I have heard, it sounds like it will be pretty easy to navigate though the site! :)

  2. We have no age limits and will be live later this year. If you sign up as soon as we're live then you will be able to play about!