Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY Letterman Sweater

DIY Letterman Sweater Inspiration

DIY Letterman Sweater Inspiration by toriraddayyahoocom featuring leather varsity jackets

Recently, I have been lusting after letterman sweaters and jackets. Although school just got out, my mind is already on fall fashion. Since letterman sweaters and jackets are usually expensive, think upwards of $50, I decided that I would try to DIY my own. My main inspiration came from the movie, Grease. By far one of my favorite movies!

Level of difficulty: Easy 

Supplies: Sweater- preferably a cardigan but a pullover sweater also works, needle, thread, scissors and letterman patch (I used a letterman patch that my school had given me but if you don't have one you can buy one on etsy for between $10-$20 or on ebay for between $4-$10). No sewing machine required! 

Cost: This DIY cost me nothing; I used an old sweater and a letterman patch given to me by my school. I would suggest that you also use an old sweater so that the cost of this DIY remains low. If you do buy a sweater, I would recommend thrifting one so that this DIY costs less. My guess would be that you can DIY this sweater for between $4 and $20. 


1. Gather supplies.
2. If you are using a pullover sweater, cut it down the middle like I did. If you are using a cardigan sweater, ignore this step.
3. Decide placement of letterman patch. I placed mine on the left side in the middle but feel free to place yours wherever. 
5. Pin letterman patch down.
6. Thread needle and sew the patch down! 
7. Voila! A chic, new item to add to your fall wardrobe. 

*If the patch you are using is iron-on, ignore steps 5 and 6 and just iron the patch on where you want it!

Hope you all liked this DIY! If anyone uses this DIY and posts about it, let me know! I love to see how my readers' DIYs turn out :)

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