Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sponsor Fashion, Trends & More + a Promo Code!

Hi! Recently, I switched to Passionfruit Ads for advertisements on my blog. They run $5 for a 200x200 ad and $3 for a 200x100 ad. Super affordable, right? You can use the links to pay below. I am also offering $3 off all ad purchases for the first ten to redeem the code YAYMAY. You could get a free small-sized ad or a medium sized ad for only $2! Wondering what I am going to be spending this money on? More advertising for Fashion, Trends & More. I will be trying to get my blog more exposure which in turn would get your shop/ blog more exposure. Make my day and buy an ad!

Daily pageviews: 160-260
Monthly pageviews: 5,000- 6,000
GFC followers: 249
Facebook likes: 69
Lookbook fans: 59
Chictopia followers: 162
Tumblr followers: 120

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