Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arts in the Park


Hi! This is what I wore today for one of Richmond's local events, Arts in the Park. Basically, a bunch of artists come together for one massive craft fair. It seems as if the whole city attends! Anyways, I am loving these white heart sunglasses sent to me by Giant Vintage Sunglasses! You should definitely check them out HERE.

Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage Sunglasses
Watch, bag & top: Vintage
Oxfords: Forever 21
Shorts: Soon to appear in Boho Fairytale
Daisy crown: DIY


  1. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Totally something I would wear :)
    And those shorts are faaaabbbbuuuullllooooussssss. Also, do you happen to know of any Etsy shops that need a blog to sponsor? I know you do lots of product reviews, so I thought I'd check. Thank you so much <33

  2. love your heart sunglasses :) they add so much fun to your outfit. and that vintage blouse is gorgeous! love the lace sleeves.

  3. Thank you for commenting on my post, your blog is lovely.


  4. gorgeous outfit, so cute!!!

  5. Looks like the perfect outfit for a craft fair :) I love the lace top!!

  6. i love yellow shorts!!

  7. Such a cute outfit, love the sunnies.

    xo erica

  8. love the yellow short! cute. :) Lets follow each other. following you. :)

  9. We loved your blog since the first time we visited it. In this case, we are crazy about your top. Also, we think is very cool that you usually wear your DIY crown, they are so adorable. :)
    super cool sunglasess, pretty fun. Nice post!

  10. For sure you have lots of suitors for being so beautiful. I really love every ideas you share through your blog. :)
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  11. love this outfit.

    new post - new jewelry♥mfashionfreak

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3

  12. In love with your shoes <3