Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Did Someone Say Sale?

Hi! I hope you all are having a lovely winter break. I am celebrating it by hosting a massive etsy shop sale. Recently, I have decided to switch to only selling re-created shorts in my shop, Bella Bandanas. Slashed, distressed, lace, studded, embellished, you name it and it will be in my shop come February. To prepare for the shop change, all vintage items are on sale for up to 80% off! 80%??!! you ask. Yes! Definitely worth a peek.

Still wondering if it's worth checking out? Here are some of the items that are on sale:
Striped fringe tank top, $1 + shipping
Adorable headband, $2 + shipping
Nautical scarf, $2 + shipping
Boho top, $5 + shipping
Trench coat, $15 + shipping
Knit beret, $5 +shipping

Nothing costs more than $15! Check it out here.


  1. I may have purchased an item or two...or three ;)

  2. Great news, thanks so much for sharing this with us.