Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY: Distressed Shorts

The jeans I bought to distress and cut. $2.50 at a thrift shop. Brand: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

My fabulous new pair of shorts!:)

Level of difficulty: easy
Cost: <$5
Materials: Cheese grater, jeans, scissors, soda can, pencil
Method: First, find a pair of jeans that you want to turn into distressed shorts. I got mine at my favorite thrift shop for $2.50. Next try the jeans on and mark how short you want them with the pencil and afterwards cut them. What I did was marked and cut the jeans by my knee to begin with and gradually cut them shorter and shorter. You can't undo a cut so be careful. After the cutting was done, I used a cheese grater to distress the jeans. To guarantee that I wouldn't grate both sides of the jeans, I placed a soda can underneath the area I was distressing. Finally, I threw the jeans in the washer and then the dryer and voila! A new pair of shorts. An article in a past issue of Justine inspired me to use a cheese grater for distressing as shown above.


  1. i have wanted to learn how to do this for so long thanks!


  2. such a rad diy!

  3. love the shorts!! so cool xoxo

  4. These are great for the summer, love them!