Saturday, April 14, 2018

Retro Orange Creamsicle Dreams Editorial

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Fashion, Trends & More
Fashion, Trends & More

Hello! When it comes to fashion, I find color to be a major source of inspiration. Strong color aesthetics draw me in time and time again. Maybe it's something about the powerful role that color plays in fashion? Color obviously holds visual appeal but color also possesses psychological properties that affect mood and emotion. I try to harness those powerful properties while styling to create looks that aren't only pretty but that also evoke a certain mood and create some sort of feeling. I enjoy styling looks that feel like they stepped out of the seventies so I often find my fashion inspiration in color palettes from years past. 

I enjoy styling monochromatic looks in particular; there's just something so visually strong about an outfit in entirely one color. I tend to favor warmer color palettes- think shades of pink, orange, peach, etc. These dreamy hues create a feeling of warmth and happiness; they have a distinct retro appeal to them as well. 

Ethereal orange and pink hues as well as vintage influence played an important role in the styling of the look that I'm rocking in the photos above. I wanted to go for a sort of "seventies orange creamsicle dreams" editorial vibe so I got to work on playing around with color. 

I pulled a gorgeous vintage orange dress out of my wardrobe to style the look around; its eye-catching color and retro style perfectly fit my concept for the look. I styled it with a pale pink pair of heels, peachy keen sunglasses and a woven basket bag with a pink scarf tied around the handle. A couple pearl necklaces and golden jewelry added to the sparkly dreaminess to the look. I wanted to keep the look very light, airy and ethereal (almost like floating on a dream) so I avoided dark colors. 

Do you like to experiment with color in fashion? Is there a certain color that you're drawn to in particular? Let me know in the comments! 

Orange dress: Vintage
Pale pink heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Golden bracelet & pin: Vintage, inherited from my grandmother 
Pearl bead chain necklaces: Kay Adams via Anthill Antiques
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Peachy sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Basket bag: Vintage
Pale pink scarf: Vintage
Celestial earrings: c/o Zaful