Saturday, April 28, 2018

Elevate your Beauty Routine with Bright Body

Photo by Madeline Carmichael
Bright Body
Photo by Madeline Carmichael
Bright Body
Photo by Madeline Carmichael
Bright Body
Photo by Madeline Carmichael

Hello! When Gabi Day of Bright Body recently reached out to me regarding a collaboration, I immediately hopped on board. I've been following Bright Body on social media for a while now and I've always been intrigued by their organic hair and skincare products. Day founded Bright Body right here in Richmond, Virginia and we met up at a local coffee shop in Scott's Addition to chat about beauty and the benefits of Bright Body products. 

At the end of our meeting, Day handed me a bag full of Bright Body products to my delight. She included the gentle toner, texturizing sea salt spray, curly hair sample cleansing kit and moisture locking curl spray

I've been using the products on a daily basis throughout the past few weeks and am very pleased with their quality and efficiency. I would definitely list the Bright Body gentle toner and texturizing sea salt spray as my two favorite products that I tried out from the line. 

Skincare matters a lot to me (trust me- you should see my medicine cabinet full of masks, serums and moisturizers) but surprisingly, I've never actually tried out a toner before. I'm naturally gifted with pretty good skin but I'm happy with the results of using the toner. It's designed for sensitive skin to "clean and shrink pores without stripping the skin or relying on harsh alcohols." Check it out for yourself for $18 here

I like the sea salt spray the most out of all of the products I tested. Generally speaking, I don't do much to my hair; I haven't used heat on my hair in about two years and prefer using few hair products. I used to use a milk conditioning spray but after swapping it out for Bright Body's sea salt spray, I don't think I'll go back to it. Because let me just tell you, I am H-O-O-K-E-D on the sea salt spray. It gives your hair hold and texture- just what my curls need. I spray some of it in my hair after showering, let the curls air dry and I'm good to go. I know that I'll be buying more of the product when my bottle of it runs out and I'd suggest trying it out for yourself as well. A sea salt spray IS a summer hair essential, am I right? And for just $14, it's pretty affordable as well. You can check it out here

I have mixed feelings towards the curly hair sample cleansing kit (~the shampoo.) After using it for several weeks, my hair does appear "happier." My curls look healthier and more defined but it did take a while for my hair to get used to the product. I definitely felt frustrated with my hair in the first couple of weeks using it; my curls felt greasy and weighed down. However, my curls did adjust to it and now seem more lively than ever. You can check it out for yourself for $25 here

If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of all natural beauty products for yourself, I would recommend checking out Bright Body. You can shop the products online here or if you live in Richmond, you can find Bright Body products at Nimbus Massage, Hanover Yoga & Wellness, Union Market, Little House Green Grocery, Pelvic Health Systems, Luna Aesthetics & Spa and Belle & Beau Company. 

Product photos shot and edited by myself. Portrait/outfit photos shot by Madeline Carmichael and edited by myself. 

Dress: Secondhand Mink Pink, c/o 
Fringe jacket: Vintage
Denim platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark
Basket bag: Vintage


*I received Bright Body products to try for free in exchange for this post but this post reflects my honest opinions of the products. I was not paid to write this post.