Sunday, October 29, 2017

Black and White with a Touch of Red

Photo by Hannah Carroll
Photo by Hannah Carroll
Photo by Hannah Carroll
Photo by Hannah Carroll

Hello! I recently raided the wardrobe of my friend, Hannah, for a photoshoot introducing her brand, Elements of Society. For the past few months, Hannah has poured her heart and soul into Elements of Society, a soon-to-be online storefront where you'll be able to shop the raddest fashions- both vintage and modern. She hasn't quite launched yet so she's keeping things a little quiet until then but be sure to keep an eye on my blog for a post more about her brand in the next few weeks. I pulled a couple pieces from her Elements of Society selection for this look including the chic dress that I'm wearing above. 

This little floral dress instantly drew me in; its versatile colors, flattering silhouette and chic floral print all called out to me. Bell sleeves added to its appeal. I wanted to emphasize the seventies vibe of the bell sleeves of the dress so I styled a pair of my platform paisley heels with it. The chunky shape, muted colors and psychedelic print of the heels practically scream "seventies." I also borrowed a vintage pink paisley scarf from Elements of Society to further add to the seventies retro flair of the look. I ended up loving the scarf so much that I actually purchased it from Elements of Society. Expect to see a lot more of it in the future! 

I added a touch of red to the look with a pair of red aviator sunglasses and red matte lipstick. The aviator sunglasses also contributed to the vintage aesthetic. 

Photos shot by Hannah Carroll and edited by myself. 

Floral dress: Fabrik, soon to be available for sale in Elements of Society
Red sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Scarf: Vintage via Elements of Society
Red lipstick: ColourPop
Paisley heels: Jeffrey Campbell



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