Monday, October 31, 2016

The Magic of Vintage


Hello! Finding incredible vintage pieces usually means scouring through flea markets, yard sales and local thrift shops all while enduring awful music but the moment that you spot a jaw-dropping sixties gown or vintage designer piece out of the corner of your eye, all your time and music-enduring feats make it worth it. You don't always find a treasure when thrifting and hey, if you're really picky, you may often end up leaving empty handed. But there's something in the thrill of the hunt and the second that you find something incredible like deadstock sixties bellbottoms feels somewhat like magic. 

Recently, I encountered a moment just like that when I caught sight of this polka dot beauty on the rack of a local Richmond thrift shop. The bold black and white color combination and funky polka dot print initially caught my eye but what really made this piece stand out was the designer label: Saks Fifth Avenue. Wow, wow, wow. Vintage clothing itself is somewhat magical. I wouldn't describe vintage clothing as just clothing but more like a little slice of history, a hint of magic, a work of art. So finding a piece that's not only vintage but also designer vintage feels like more than just a real treat. 

You can currently shop this vintage Saks Fifth Avenue dress in my shop, RaddayVintage, here

Pastel pink heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Shop Akira
Pastel pink purse: Vintage
Leopard print jacket: Vintage
Cat-eye sunglasses: Rumors
Black and white polka dot dress: Vintage available in RaddayVintage