Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy Hair: Garnier Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish

February 2016
February 2016
February 2016

Hello! As you guys probably know, I've stopped using heat on my hair for the past few months. I've been focusing on keeping my hair healthy to promote its growth and an enhanced appearance. I essentially never blow dry my hair or straighten it but for a while, I was relying on my curling wand a little too often for "touch ups" to my naturally curly hair when it probably didn't need to be fixed up. As cheesy or as ridiculous as it may seem, my hair seems a lot happier now that I've stopped using heat on it. It feels softer and the naturally curly texture of my hair seems as if it's enhanced. 

Since I've stopped using heat on my hair, I rely more on products such as curl-enhancing mousse to tame my mane. And a couple months ago, Garnier sent me complimentary products from their new curly hair line, Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish to test out. They sent me the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, curl stretch loosening pudding and curl renew reactivating milk spray. I've been using the products for a few weeks now and I'm hooked. I deal with less frizz and softer curls and what's better than that? If you have naturally curly hair, I would definitely recommend trying out this product line. All products cost less than $6 individually and will majorly boost your hairstyle. 

In particular, I really LOVE the curl renew reactivating milk spray. After I shower, I comb my hair, apply this spray, scrunch my hair and I'm left with perfect curls. Another thing I love about this spray is that it feels super light-weight, I don't feel like the product is weighing my curls down. Another plus? This spray as well as the other products in the line smell amazing- very fresh. One thing is for sure, when I run out of these products, I'll be headed off to buy more. If you have naturally curly hair like me, I'd also suggest trying this line out. 

Black circle skirt: H&M
Black lace-up top: c/o Yoins
Thigh-high boots: Nasty Gal
Patterned tights: Urban Outfitters
Feathery sweater: Free People via Ashby
Black bag: borrowed from my mom
Rings: Vintage
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild 


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