Friday, January 22, 2016


January 2016
January 2016
January 2016
January 2016

Hello! Wow, has it been cold here in Philadelphia! Cold enough even to break out my only pair of denim. For this look, it was all about warmth so that meant lots of layering. I wanted to focus on textures while I was layering this look to avoid looking bulky. First, I slipped on a seventies-inspired paisley top. The psychedelic print, cool colors and lace detailing of this shirt make it one of my favorite (one of my only?) shirts.  The semi-sheer fabric of this shirt is definitely more suited for the summer but worked perfect with layering for this outfit. I slipped on a cream-colored feathery sweater over the top followed by a cozy, faux suede jacket. This jacket has captured my heart because not only is it faux suede but the inside has a sort of shearling texture. Swoon! 

I decided to steer away from my typical golden accessories and play around with silver. I started by slipping into these silver metallic booties. While my feet definitely were cold without socks, I couldn't resist how much I loved this look with a little bit of skin showing, even if it was just my ankles. I also styled a delicate little silver ring and necklace with this outfit. 

Recently, Anjolee sent me this necklace to showcase on my blog. For those of you who aren't familiar with Anjolee, Anjolee is an online retailer specializing in high-quality, custom-made fine jewelry. When Anjolee reached out to me to see if I would be interested in working together, I was thrilled! I decided to go with the "Three Stone Horizontal Diamond Pendant." While my necklace wasn't made from real gold or diamonds, Anjolee substituted CZs, silver and amethysts. 

Due to shipping related issues and the fact that the necklace was a custom piece, it did take roughly three months to receive my necklace. But I'm absolutely in love with it! There's a very dainty delicacy to the necklace that's so different than the other pieces of jewelry I own. The stones are breath-taking and it's very high-quality. I'm immensely pleased with this necklace and if you're in the search for a diamond necklace or other piece of fine jewelry, I would recommend checking Anjolee out. 

Purple paisley top: Thrifted (originally from Target)
Feathery sweater: Free People via Ashby
Tan jacket: Vintage via Yerdle
Black denim: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Silver metallic booties: Urban Outfitters via Ashby
Delicate ring: Vintage
Delicate necklace: c/o Anjolee
Black tote bag: Urban Outfitters
Furry keychains: Ashby & GoJane
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild


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  1. Love the look and photographs! I adore how small and delicate the necklace looks. Very stunning<3