Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nicholas Von Thrower Photography

Nicholas Von Thrower Photography
Nicholas Von Thrower Photography

Hello! I know that I've said it time and time again but Nicholas Von Thrower, Richmond-based photographer, practically works magic with a camera. He's currently studying photography and shooting as much as he can. He works with a variety of different female models and manages to capture the unique beauty of everyone that he works with. Saying that I'm always impressed by his work would be an understatement. I really expect to see his work published in various publications including top cultural and fashion magazines within the next few years.

When he offered to shoot over Thanksgiving break while I was in Richmond, I jumped at the opportunity. Above are a couple of my favorite images from the shoot. For this shoot, I love the way that he focused on the naturally curly texture of my hair against the shaggy faux fur texture of my jacket. You can see more images from the shoot on his Flickr @nicholasvon or Instagram @flowersdaddy. As a heads up, his Flick is NSFW meaning that there are some nude photos on there (not of me but just as a heads up.) 



  1. He really is a talented artist and I can imagine he is very happy to be able to work with such a lovely model. That full shot of you on Flickr is especially wow, but every shot is magic.

    All Things Bright and Lovely