Thursday, September 17, 2015

Free-Spirited Accessories

September 2015

Hello! Receiving packages in the mail may be my favorite thing in the world and as I ordered quite a few things during the Labor Day sales a couple weeks ago, packages have been coming my way left and right. But what can I say? The Labor Day sales coaxed me in with various discounts and free shipping offers. 

When my order from Charlotte Russe arrived this week, I was thrilled. For less than $25, I purchased a bohemian pair of flare pants and several pieces of jewelry. I debuted two of the pieces of jewelry that I received in the look above; I purchased the golden coin necklace for just under $4 and the purple druzy bracelet for just under $4. I've fallen for both pieces; the down-to-earth, bohemian feeling that they emit make them effortlessly versatile in my free-spirited wardrobe. I layered the statement golden coin necklace with a crystal necklace and other small golden necklace to make an even bolder statement. 

My jewelry accentuated the bohemian appeal of my paisley-print dress. Although I've had this dress for over a year, I still haven't grown tired of it. The nostalgic paisley print and deep burgundy color are irresistible. Besides dressing this look up with boho jewels, I slipped on a pair of neutral wedges (not seen above) and a swipe of lipstick. 

Paisley print dress: Forever 21
Coin necklace: Charlotte Russe
Crystal necklace: Ashby
Druzy bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild


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