Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Under the Sea


Hello! Dressing up in a fish print dress and stacking on aquatic gems is the closest that I'll get to being anywhere by the sea for a while. But it's still fun to pretend! I'll be going to Puerto Rico in late July/early August and can't wait to be lounging by the ocean, taking in the sea and the sun. For now, I'll have to settle with dressing up in marine inspired outfits. 

I styled this look around this beachy, fish-print dress. The faded turquoise color, easy silhouette and quirky print of this dress make it one of my summer go-to dresses. I wanted to accentuate the fish print of the dress with layers of aquatic-inspired Kay Adams necklaces for a day at my internship. I started the look with a vibrant statement necklace; various shades of blue, vintage pendants, fish elements and a bold octopus made this necklace the obvious choice to start layering with. From there, I slipped on a long, golden, layered chain necklace and clipped starfish, crab and seashell elements to the chains. Next, I grabbed a shorter, marine blue beaded necklace and a long, beaded necklace comprised of pearls, sparkling greens and eye-catching blues that I created this summer at my internship. I'm in love with the effortless, artistic, sea-inspired mood of this look. 

Now, if only this aquatic look could automatically transport me to the beach...

Fish print dress: Vintage
Heels: Vintage
Sunglasses: Zoo Shoo c/o ShopLately
Layered necklaces: Kay Adams Jewelry
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild


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  1. Lovely outfit! That dress is so cute. And I'm loving the shoes. :)