Friday, January 9, 2015

Skirt the Issue

 photo IMG_3420_zpsf37f8cf8.jpeg

Hello! This photo is from a few days ago. I styled my look around this black & white checked top from Lulu's. This top is the ideal layering piece; the top is the length of a dress but has long slits up the side. It could easily be worn as a dress with a pair of leggings underneath or tied up to be worn more as a top. 

For this look, I tied the dress up and wore it as more of a top. I styled it with a black skirt courtesy of Skirt the Issue. As I've previously mentioned, I'm a social media & PR intern for Skirt the Issue and couldn't love the company any more than I already do. 

Skirt the Issue sells versatile, body-con mini-skirts that can be worn in a variety of different ways. I like to layer my skirt with different tops and sweaters like I did for this look but they are also great for throwing over what you're wearing to the gym or slipping on over a pair of leggings for a cozier look. 

The skirts come in numerous different prints and colors and retail for $30. Since receiving my skirt a couple months ago, I would definitely say that it has become a key component of my wardrobe and I would definitely recommend picking one up for yourself online HERE

I added a pop of color to the look with a bold pair of orange thigh highs. Black booties finished off the look. 

Checked button down: Lulu's
Black skirt: c/o Skirt the Issue
Orange thigh highs: Urban Outfitters
Black booties: Daily Look


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