Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NDD Creations

NDD Creations

Hello! Today, I have an interview with Natalie Dupont, owner of etsy shop, NDD Creations, to share with you guys. Natalie is a fellow fashion merchandising student at Philadelphia University. Natalie and I met earlier this semester one weekend and instantly bonded over our love of fashion. When I recently discovered that she had her own etsy shop, I immediately wanted to feature it on my blog. Natalie's shop, NDD Creations, sells hand-knit products including scarves and headbands for between $12-$30.

One of the great things about going to such a small school full of driven students is that it is incredibly easy to make connections with others that are interested in the same career field as you. Networking is key and I love to promote fellow PhilaU students on my blog.

Anyway, onto my interview with Natalie!

What drew you to fashion merchandising at Philadelphia University? I knew that I wanted to do something with fashion but I didn't necessarily want to do design so I was drawn to the possibility of being a buyer.

How would you describe your style? Boho-chic; I really like layering and knitwear as you can tell from my shop.

What is your dream career in the fashion industry? International board rep for a fashion company; I dream of traveling the world.

What prompted you to open your etsy shop? I worked at a knitting shop for four years; I primarily focused on making samples and creating new patterns. This is what really sparked my interest in opening the shop.

When did you open NDD Creations? I started my shop in August of this past year. Previously, I sold my merchandise at craft fairs. And then this past summer, I decided to expand my business to gain experience in the fashion industry.

How did you come up with the name for your etsy shop? I chose my initials for the shop name.

Primarily, what does NDD Creations sell? I'm really into headwraps for the winter and I'm looking into doing a lot of chunky scarves and infinity scarves. My shop really focuses on any knitwear.

What is your favorite product to create for your shop? Right now, I'm obsessed with the braided headwraps. They are so much fun and quick to make. It's nice to see the results of my efforts in such a short period of time with the headwraps.

Be sure to check out NDD Creations!

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