Sunday, January 5, 2014


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Hello! Today I donned my favorite dress- my black and white cat print dress. I guess you could say that I think that this dress is purrrrrr-fect. The bold graphic print and texture of the dress have me crawling back to it time and time again. 

Today, I wore it as a skirt- layering a black long sleeve top and light gray cardigan over top of it. I then threw on a pair of gray tights followed by sheer black polka dot thigh-highs. This tights-sock combo has me swooning. What can I say? Neutrals and layering always manage to steal my heart. 

I added even more black to my look with black winged sunglasses, a black satchel and sleek black oxfords. Amidst all of the black and gray in my look, my plum-colored scarf really popped. 

To complete the look, I went a little bit crazy with my jewelry. I first slipped my tortoiseshell watch onto my wrist followed by a golden watch and bracelet. I then added multiple rings to several of my fingers and grabbed an oversized pair of cream & gold earrings for my ears. I love how the jewelry looks all layered together. 

I hope that you guys are enjoying the beginning of 2014! 

Kitty dress (worn as a skirt): H&M
Black long-sleeve top: Unknown
Gray cardigan: Banana Republic
Plum scarf: Forever 21
Winged sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Cream & gold earrings: Vintage
Black satchel: Francesca's
Gray tights: Old Navy
Black polka dot thigh-highs: Unknown
Black oxfords: Vintage
Golden watch and bracelet: Vintage
Tortoishell watch: Breda Watches c/o ShopLately
Black skull ring and golden owl ring: Urban Outfitters
Golden spike ring and golden cat ears ring: c/o SammyDress
Talon ring: High Gloss Fashion

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