Monday, November 25, 2013


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Hello! These photos were taken last Thursday. Coincidentally, Taisha and I both wore camouflage and I jumped at the chance to take photos together. Although Taisha and I have very different senses of style, we have many similar pieces in our wardrobes (we even have the exact same shirt from Urban Outfitters!) It's not unusual for us to be wearing very similar pieces on any given day but we style them much differently. 

On Thursday, I styled my camouflage jacket with a pair of polka dot leggings. It was freezing outside so I actually layered a pair of plain black leggings underneath of them. I have a feeling that layering up on leggings, tights, pants, etc. is going to become a regular habit here this winter. It's much colder already than I expected! And don't even get me started on the wind. Huge gusts of wind make it seem much colder here than it actually is; the wind just blows right through you.

I also styled a denim button down with the camouflage jacket. I like the utilitarian vibe of the two pieces together. A black tank top also added warmth underneath of the button down. 

That day, I donned go-to pair of shoes: my black Doc Martens. I wore a cute pair of gray and white polka dot socks that peeked out of my boots. These polka dot socks are my absolute favorite pair of socks ever. I purchased them at H&M on sale at the end of last summer and could not be any happier with my purchase. Of course, I love the polka dot print but they also keep my feet infinitely warm and cozy. I wish I had stocked up and purchased more pairs!

I accessorized with a pair of golden, vintage Chanel earrings and a classic, tortoiseshell watch

Like I mentioned earlier (and that you can see in the photos!), Taisha also wore camouflage. But instead of wearing a camouflage jacket, she wore camouflage pants. She styled them with a vintage gray sweatshirt followed by an edgy black jacket. I really like the pop of color that her burgundy, velvet creepers add to the look. To follow Taisha's fashion inspiration, you can follow her on tumblr HERE. To see more of her everyday looks, you can follow her on instagram HERE. 

Also, a big shout-out to Terence for taking these photos- thanks! You can follow him on tumblr HERE. 

On me:
Button down: thrifted
Polka dot leggings: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Combat boots: Doc Martens
Gray polka dot socks: H&M
Camouflage jacket: Vintage
Watch: Breda Watches c/o ShopLately
Earrings: Vintage Chanel
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