Tuesday, October 29, 2013

November 2013 Wishlist

November 2013 Wishlist

Hello! Can you believe that November has almost already stumbled upon us? It seems like it was just September practically yesterday. Today, I thought that I would share my November 2013 wishlist with you guys. If only all of these pieces would somehow magically appear in my wardrobe!

1. Oversize sweaters in neutral colors. Ideal for layering!

2. Crossbody bags. These bags are superb because they are extremely easy to carry around and they are the best size for holding all of the necessities- phone, keys, id/money & chapstick. 

3. Simple black sunglasses. Simple black sunglasses are a life-saver- they are very easy to style and work to keep the sun out of your eyes. Giant Vintage has a great selection of simple black sunglasses to choose from. 

4. Kimono. Such a free-spirited piece that would be great for layering with dresses and sweaters this upcoming November. 

5. Circle skirts. Currently, I am obsessing over circle skirts. Only two circle skirts (a black one and a black & white polka dot one) are present in my wardrobe but I would wear them everyday if I could. A maroon circle skirt and a beige circle skirt would be the perfect additions to my late fall/ early winter wardrobe. 

6. Faux fur vest. Nothing says November like a faux fur vest! I love the boho-glam-luxe look that faux fur vests emit. 

7. Versatile watch. I've been yearning for a versatile watch for quite some time now. Not only are they actually functional but they are also very stylish. 

8. Burgundy Doc Martens. I wear my black Doc Martens to death and would really love another pair in a different color. As winter approaches, these would be more and more useful to have in my wardrobe. They are the perfect stylish boots to trudge across the snow on campus in later this winter. No Uggs for me! These are definitely going on my Christmas list. 

9. Cut-out booties. This shoe trend has me falling head over heels. 

10. Knee-high socks. Due to my penchant for wearing skirts and dresses, I need to invest in some quality thigh-high and knee-high socks this fall/winter. I'm thinking of socks in shades of gray, black and maroon.  
11. Knit circle scarf. What's cozier than a knit circle scarf? 

What's on your wishlist this November? 

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