Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vintage Love

Some people have a passion for fashion, some people have a passion for vintage, some people have both. I am one of those people who have both. I love vintage. Vintage clothing and accessories have an almost romantic touch. You may never know who wore them before you or what they wore them to. This adds a touch of mystery and makes me love vintage even more. The following pieces are vintage pieces are pieces that have walked their way not only into my closet but into my heart.These belts can add flair to any outfit. I tend to wear the leather one at least once a week, while I still haven't worn the gold one.
Ah, my vintage Christian Dior 100% silk top. This has to be one of my best vintage finds ever. When I originally bought it, it was a bodysuit but I cut it and voila! A chic, trendy top was born.
This light sea green floor length dress is my favorite vintage piece in my wardrobe. To me this dress represents fashion, vintage and romance at their best. It is a light, airy beautiful dress that was purchased at an estate sale for $1. The price was amazing and I snatched up this beauty as fast as I could. When I got home, I tried it on and to my delight it fit me perfectly! It is still waiting to be worn however, sitting on a special hanger among my many other dresses in my closet. I plan to wear this dress on a very special occasion next year. Prom. With a little alteration, this dress will dazzle everyone.
This luggage set was a gift from my parents. I love vintage suitcases and this one even looks good in my room.
My vintage pearl clip was a recent purchase and I can't wait to wear it. The cameo I've had for a while now and is always a great source of inspiration.
These gloves represent femininity and chicness at their prime. Even though I don't wear them often, I like to just have them.
This vintage camera case may seem simple but I love it. I use it as a purse and it matches so many of my outfits!

Wondering my reason for this lovely vintage post? Well Tanyabell from Fabulous for $50 and Under is having a contest where she wants to see what everyone's favorite vintage items in their closet are. You should totally check it out! There are cool vintage prizes to be won:) Click here for her blog and click here for the contest post.

Sweet Serendipity


  1. Beautiful vintage pieces. My favorite has to be the camera case!
    Thank you for stopping by the blog! I hope the idea inspired you :)

    xx, TFV

  2. I <3 vintage too!! It's so fun finding stuff in thrift stores!:)
    Check out my blog

  3. oh my goodness! i love it all! <3 love the suitcases and that pastel green dress!!!!

    love, polly :D

  4. that green floorlength dress is to die for. i <3 vintage!!

    xx jordana

  5. LOVE the color of the dress and cool camera case! However, could you please recreate this post to only feature the green dress? Thanks :)

  6. Hi! If you would like to be qualified to enter, please create a post with JUST the green dress. You have until tomorrow night. Thanks :)

  7. I love vintage too. those belts and suitcases are great finds.

  8. All these items are beautiful, especially the 2 tops which are amazing !!
    I follow you now as well ! :)