Monday, July 25, 2011

hello Fashion, Trends & More readers!  im so excited to be over here today!  if you dont know me my name is madison over at madison avenue.  i started my blog in January as a sophomore in high school.  my blog is a fashion and refashion blog.  i love to make a lot of my clothes!  i love to refashion because if i have something that i don't like i can just make it into something entirely new that i love without spending any money!

i think i have a very eclectic style.  i love the bohemian style with the beautiful prints and feathers, but i also love vintage with its florals and classic pieces.

i LOVE to layer!  even in the summer, you will always see me wearing a scarf.  they're just too cute to give  up!  this skirt was a refashion that i did.  i made it out  of an old t-shirt.

i love to mix prints!  like with this outfit i mixed a striped shirt with a floral scarf.  i think that it makes the outfit more interesting and fun!  this scarf was also a refashion.  it was a dress that i made into a skirt and a scarf.

florals florals florals!  florals are my favorite!  they're so beautiful and also super easy to match!  this was also a refashion that i did.  it was a dress that i made into a shirt...and a skirt!  i call it my two for one special because i can wear it as either one!

i love thrifting!  you can get the most unique things from a thrift store!  some of my favorite clothes are thrifted!  like in this outfit my shirt, belt and skirt are all thrifted.  i mainly love to go thrifting to find things to restyle!  this skirt was also a restyle that i did.  it was a dress that i made into a scarf and a skirt!