Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion, Trends & More Most Inspirational Blog Award: June

Fashion, Trends and More’s most inspirational blog of the month for June is The Littlest Polly. It is run by a girl who shockingly is called Polly. I love how her blog is frequently updated with great ideas, has great fashion not to mention amazing photographs and has cute little buttons on the sides of her blog. I read every post of her blog- her posts are absolutely fabulous. She writes about her life, focusing on fashion and photography. One thing that she loves, as do I, are vintage suitcases. How cute! In fact, at least once a month she has a post titled “Suitcase Sunday.” If you like vintage fashion, check out her blog here.


  1. Congratulations to Polly!!! I'll definitely go look at her blog right now! You should check mine out; have fun!



  2. thank you so much, dear! that is so very sweet of you.


    love, polly :):)

  3. I followed your blog. :) i love it! Please also visit mine.

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  5. congrates ! she really diserve it !