Saturday, March 12, 2011

Virginia Musuem of Fine Arts

As you all may know I live in Virginia and recently the traveling Picasso pieces came to the only east coast venue- the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I went on a field trip yesterday there with my history classes and loved the exhibit minus how many people were there. The pieces were phenomenal. I really liked how you could see the texture in his paintings. I also admired his sculptures. Unfortunately no photos were allowed even if there was no flash so I couldn't take any pictures. If you live near Virginia then I would definitely advise going to see it. It costs between $16 and $20 depending on your age. After my friends and I finished looking at the Picasso exhibit we decided to go look at the modern art. I really enjoyed the modern art. Especially this piece in particular. It is called the Woodpecker and it was created by Fred Tomaselli. What do you think? Are you going to see the Picasso pieces?


  1. and u had to wear that shirt XP