Monday, May 21, 2018

Red Hot American Summer '18 Editorial

Photo by Elissa Rumford
Photo by Elissa Rumford
Photo by Elissa Rumford
Photo by Elissa Rumford
Photo by Elissa Rumford
Photo by Elissa Rumford

Hello! LA Retro Girl, a secondhand fashion e-commerce brand, recently sent me a surprise package of vintage clothing and accessories including this red and white printed skirt. I've been loving red and white color combinations lately so I was delighted to pull it out of the box. I immediately started thinking about all of the different ways to style it and knew I wanted to play up its retro all-American vibes for an editorial shoot. Summer fashion from the fifties and late seventies inspired my styling for the look and I drew inspiration from the cult film, Wet Hot American Summer, in particular. 

I selected a palette of red, white, blue and yellow hues to give it that patriotic American look.  SheIn recently sent me this mustard yellow crop top to incorporate into my summer wardrobe and I love how its cropped silhouette looks with the high-rise silhouette of the skirt. I accessorized with a vintage red purse, blue bandana neck scarf, mod sunglasses and a golden watch. A bold pop of red lipstick and denim platform heels perfected the look. 

Photos shot by Elissa Rumford and edited by myself. 

Red and white skirt: Vintage c/o LA Retro Girl
Red purse: Vintage c/o LA Retro Girl
Mustard yellow top: c/o SheIn 
White "clout" sunglasses: Wish
Denim platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark 
Golden watch: Vintage 



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