Monday, March 26, 2018

8 Outfits to Rock this Spring

Hello! Last week marked the official beginning of the spring season and I can't wait to ditch my winter wardrobe. Nothing will be sweeter than the moment that I pack away my heavy winter coats, my one surviving pair of tights from the season and chunky knits. It's still a bit cold here in Virginia but weather forecasts appear promising. And thank goodness, right?! Because I'm ready to show a little leg and break out the crop tops- who's with me? Keep reading to check out 8 outfit suggestions for this spring:

Spring Outfit Idea #1

1. High-rise bellbottoms + a crop top. This combination is easy as well as chic- and what's better than that? Accessorize the outfit to complement your personal style.

Why it's a great combo: It's very flattering to the waist and easy to personalize to match your unique sense of style.

Where to wear it: out for happy hour drinks, to go on a date

Spring Outfit Idea #2

2. A patterned dress + fringe leather jacket. All eyes will be on you in this playful boho spring look.

Why it's a great combo: It's easy to take the jacket on and off as the weather rises and falls throughout the day

Where to wear it: to your favorite local band's show, for lunch with your gal pals

Spring Outfit Idea #3

3. A midi skirt + fitted turtleneck top. You can style this sophisticated combination many different ways to match your personal taste.

Why it's a great combo: It works well for chillier spring days without feeling like a ~winter~ look.

Where to wear it: school or the office

Spring Outfit Idea #4

4. A boho romper + vintage shawl. Go for a boho look with a romper in neutral colors and a vintage shawl or poncho.

Why it's a great combo: Layers are crucial for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring and a poncho/shawl works perfectly for this.

Where to wear it: for running errands, for going on a date with your significant other

Spring Outfit Idea #5

5. A denim mini skirt + striped top. Play up the retro vibes with a denim mini skirt and a striped top. Bonus points for yellow aviator sunglasses.

Why it's a great combo: It feels playful, fun and fresh- a winning aesthetic for spring.

Where to wear it: shopping with your bestie, for a local festival/market event

Spring Outfit Idea #6

6. A statement jumpsuit. Turn heads in a stunning jumpsuit. Go big or go home when it comes to the color, print or silhouette of the jumpsuit- but not all at once.

Why it's a great combo: It's perfect for making a statement.

Where to wear it: out on the town

Spring Outfit Idea #7

7. Distressed denim jeans + a denim jacket. Because denim on denim will always rule. Distressing gives it a little extra edge.

Why it's a great combo: It's effortless yet eye-catching

Where to wear it: for running errands, hungover brunch with your girls

Spring Outfit Idea #8

8. A lightweight turtleneck + spaghetti strap dress. Make a fashion-forward statement in this stylish look.

Why it's a great combo: You get to wear that summer dress that you've been dying to wear but it's still not ~weather appropriate~ and you're tired of wearing it with the same denim jacket

Where to wear it: for work or girl time with your best friend

Do you want to try out any of the ideas above? If you do, I would love to see! Just tag me in your #ootd post on Instagram @toriradday.



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