Thursday, November 23, 2017

Burgundy Monochrome

Shot by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Shot by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Shot by Rachel Dwyer Photography
Shot by Rachel Dwyer Photography

Hello! Shein recently sent me this pretty burgundy sweater to incorporate into my winter wardrobe. This is their "Plunge Drop Shoulder Cable Knit Sweater" and it retails for $18 here. I decided to style it with a few other burgundy pieces for a statement monochromatic look. I layered the sweater over a maroon dress and also slipped on a pair of thigh-high socks in a matching hue.

I added a touch of feminine charm to the look with a rhinestone and pearl embellished necklace and a pretty pink scarf tied in a bow around my neck. Paisley platform heels and peachy cat-eye sunglasses added my signature vintage flair to the look. A classic watch, a couple golden rings and a swipe of coordinating lipstick perfected the look.

Photos by Rachel Dwyer Photography. You can browse through more of Rachel's work on her website here or her Instagram here.

Burgundy sweater: c/o SheIn
Maroon dress: American Apparel via Ashby
Platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Paisley scarf: Vintage via Elements of Society
Watch: c/o Lilienthal Berlin
Statement necklace: c/o KristinsCandiShop
Cat-eye sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage



  1. so pretty!

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