Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Peek into My Seventies-Inspired Home

Photo by Jon Faulconer
Photo by Jon Faulconer
Photo by Jon Faulconer
Photo by Jon Faulconer

Hello! As you may know, I purchased a house in Richmond, Virginia earlier this year. I've been living there for about two and a half months now and let's just say that the house has come a LONG way since I first purchased it. Saying that it was a total mess when I first purchased it would be an understatement; more boxes of junk filled the house than you could possibly dream of, stained carpet floors served as a reminder to keep your shoes on while inside and you could clearly see the years of neglect that the house had suffered in every nook and cranny. I wish I had thought to shoot some "before" photos to share with you all but alas, that notion escaped my mind! 

I focused on clearing out all of the junk in the house first (with some help from my parents and now ex-boyfriend, of course- I can't imagine doing it alone!) And let me just say, that was an ordeal in itself; you would not believe how many garbage bags we hauled out of the house. The previous owners not only left trash behind but also unique vintage and antique items so we also hosted an estate sale. 

After clearing the house out, the next thing to focus on was the floors and the walls. I selected dreamy seventies hues to paint the walls- think pretty shades of peach, almond yellow and subtle green. The carpet HAD to go so I selected a light faux hardwood floor to be installed. A handyman completed several more projects- several light fixture updates, minor repairs, etc. I scrubbed the place head to toe and then started to focus on decorating the home.

I'm aiming to transform my home into the dreamiest lil seventies home ever to be found in our modern world. I'm feeling very inspired by retro aesthetics and mod styles with a hint of the free-spirited state of mind of the seventies. I've filled the home with almost entirely vintage furniture including the coolest burnt orange love seat, structured floral couch and a variety of eye-catching armchairs. Details such as vintage floral curtains, antique glassware and decorative boho accents add to the charming seventies appeal. An array of plants breathe life into the home while couch cushions from my grandparents' home in the sixties used as floor seating give my home a more personal touch.  

I'm far from done with my home's transformation- trust me, my to-do list still runs about a mile long-  but I'm very happy with how far the house has come so far. I recently collaborated with local RVA photographer, Jon Faulconer, for a shoot that highlighted how the style of my home reflects my personal style as you can see above. 

Dress: Forever 21 via Ashby
Boots: Vintage
"SEXY" rhinestone choker: Ashby