Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Express Spring/Summer 2016 Swimwear

March 2016

Hello! Recently, Express sent me a swimsuit from their new swimwear collection and I'm loving it; I was just in Richmond for spring break and it was perfect to wear by the James River. They sent me their "Black Macrame Back Bralette Swim Top" which retails for about $40 and their "Black Macrame Bikini Swim Bottom" which retails for about $30. What I'm loving about this swimsuit is how subtly stylish it is. From the macrame, 70s-inspired detailing to the simple silhouette, I'm in love and I can tell that I'll be wearing this swimsuit out by the river a lot more this spring/summer.

However, this swimsuit isn't the only suit that caught my eye in Express' recent swimwear collection. They offer a variety of different womens swimsuits from more boho to trendy to classic. Their selection of womens bikinis includes prints, solids, high-rise styles, low-rise styles, high-neck styles and so on and so forth, proving that they have something for everyone. They also offer a few one-piece options like THIS ONE that I'm completely head-over-heels in love with. 

Another thing that's great about Express' swimwear is that you're able to buy your swimsuit in separates. So if you're feeling like switching it up and pairing a solid-colored top with a printed pair of bottoms, you can go for it! It also makes finding the perfect fit much easier. Personally, I almost always take a size large bikini top but never a size large bottom so I was happy to be able to select pieces in different sizes for the best fit. 

If you're in the market for a new swimsuit, I'd recommend checking out Express' selection first. Vibrant colors, unique silhouettes, interesting details- who could resist?


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