Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bryt: Using Vibrant Colors to Inspire Happiness


Hello! As we delve farther and farther into the spring/summer season, bright colors become more and more prominent. Colorful shades and hues are often associated with these warmer seasons due to the cheerful, playful feeling of colors and the sense of freedom that they evoke. Besides being aesthetically pleasing for spring/summer, vivid colors possess an interesting psychological effect as well. 

Wearing bright colors can actually boost your mood and improve your happiness. We associate vibrant colors with feelings of joy and energy and even just by wearing those colors, we take on the characteristics of those colors themselves. It's an interesting concept to think about and also easy to try out. Wake up in a bad mood? Rainy day? Throw on a piece of bright clothing and see how it affects your mood. 


Natalie Cope and James Foster recently founded Bryt, an online fashion retailer, with that specific aspect of color theory in mind. Cope and Foster wanted to start a line that would revolve solely around bright colors that would improve the happiness and confidence of their customers. Additionally, the line is socially conscious and all merchandise is produced in the UK where the brand is based. Although the brand is centered in the UK, it is taking the world by storm globally and customers in other countries can also purchase their merchandise. They cater to both men and women. 


Cope and Foster have started recently selling colorful, fun socks on Bryt. I'm in love with the youthful, happy collection of socks and all of the fun prints and colors. Their collection makes me just want to scoop up every pair of socks that they currently have for sale. They are perfect for adding just the smallest pop of color and happiness to an outfit. Their socks retail for about $12/pair. However, limited funds have limited Cope and Foster's venture with Bryt.


To expand their business and begin selling merchandise other than socks, Bryt needs your help. Today, Bryt launched a KickStarter campaign in order to raise funds to expand their business. They want to branch out and begin to sell bright underwear, gymwear and everyday wear in addition to their socks. With a positive mission and such fun merchandise, I would love to see Bryt design and produce more than just socks.


Their goal is to raise about $27,000 from their KickStarter fundraiser (and they've already raised $700 in the past couple hours!) If they exceed that goal, Bryt will launch numerous other designs on their site. Bryt supporters who donate to the campaign will receive socks from their new collection (the amount you donate will determine how many pairs of socks you will receive.) Want to read more about Bryt or help them reach their goal? You can check out and donate to their KickStarter campaign HERE


What do you guys think of Bryt? Would you rock these quirky socks? 

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