Friday, August 8, 2014

Sunflower Print

 photo DSCI1930_zps6152b933.jpg
 photo DSCI1933_zps91627866.jpg

Hello! Yesterday, I pulled this incredible sunflower print dress out of my wardrobe. The delicate sunflower print as well as the easy, breezy shape make this one of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe. I switched things up by layering a dark crop top over the dress. Vintage loafers and classic sunglasses completed the look. 

Sunflower dress: Publik c/o ShopLately
Dark crop top: Urban Outfitters
Classic loafers: Vintage
Green sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage


  1. love the layering :) cute look!

  2. Wow, this dress is gorgeous. Abselutly love it :D

  3. i love florals.
    suits you well.


    i am now following your blog
    through GFC & Bloglovin'.

    Ms. Kei