Saturday, January 7, 2012

Turban Headband

Hi! Today I wore a look that my mom described as 1920's-hippie-boho. Last night, I whipped up this fabulous turban headband. Earlier this year, I saw the most precious turban headbands here on etsy and was just dying for one of my own. The $30 price tag was a little too steep for my budget though so I decided to make one myself. Mine cost me no money at all! You can check out a great tutorial here. Also, Abbi from True Blue Abbi is having a giveaway for a cool book here.

Jeans: Hollister
Faux fur jacket: Forever 21
Top: Thrifted
Necklace: Anthill Antiques/ Kay Adams
Belt: Thrifted
Oxfords: Forever 21
Turban headband: DIY


  1. You look great! I wish I was good at sewing and stuff. I'd love to make myself some things I see online that I love(:
    Thank you for mentioning the giveaway, you should enter yourself Tori! Haha.

    -Abbigayle Rashae

  2. those. shoes. Love them! The whole outfit is so put-together :)


  3. Really cute look, love the headband!

  4. Love the look, so hippie!!