Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clothing Swap

Coral-y mini skirt with pockets. Elastic waist. Forever 21 H81. Size medium.
Sheer Express button down. Size 5/6.Charlotte Russe cheetah print lace crop top. Size large. Never been worn without tags.
JCP gray crochet cover up. "New York at Last". Size large. New with tags. Retail value $30.
Thrifted floral skirt."Exact Change." Size 7.
Black and gold lace skirt from Forever 21. Size medium.
Indigo Forever 21 top. Size small. Very nice.

Hi! So my dresser drawers were overflowing and I was running out of hangers in my closet, so I decided to edit my wardrobe. My vintage items are going to be sold in my etsy shop soon. After I sorted out my vintage pieces, I had to decide what I was going to do with my more modern clothing. First I found out if my sister wanted any; she wanted a black crop top and a lace shirt. For the rest of my clothes I had five options: donate, sell to Plato's closet, start my own blog shop, have a clothing swap, or have a virtual clothing swap. I decided on a virtual clothing swap. The items above are items I want to swap.

Here's how it works: You like one of the items above. You have something to trade. I like the item. We ship the items to each other. We end up both getting a "new to us" piece of clothing for practically nothing, just the cost of shipping which should be less than $5.

Sorry, non bloggers and international bloggers but my "Clothing Swap" is for American bloggers only. I would like to know the person swapping with me before I give them my address. After all, I don't want a creeper knowing where I live! And the cost of international shipping is too high for the swap to be a good deal.

Brands I like...
-Forever 21
-Urban Outfitters

Forever 21 size: medium/ large
Vintage: medium
H&M: 6/8/10
Urban Outfitters: small/ medium

Pieces that I'm lusting after...
-sheer maxi skirt
-patterned scarfs
-cute rings
-bags/ clutches
-patterned dresses
-statement necklace
-stone necklaces
-cool sunglasses
-navy blue and white striped top

Even if it's not on the list above, I might still like it! So feel free to shoot me an email with the picture.

I also accept Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, High Gloss Fashions, Le Mode Accessories,, Urban Outfitters, Bath and Body Works, H&M, Nasty Gal, and gift cards. I also accept etsy shop credits.

If you are interested, please send me an email at


  1. hey girl; why don't we organize an (in person) RVA clothing swap? I used to attend those all the time and in portland and have a "how to" on my blog. all we'd need is a big enough space

  2. //Thank you, I was channeling Chanel! Love the sheer shirt, but then again, I love almost everything sheer..

  3. This is such a fab idea! I wish I had something to swap! At least I get to follow your lovely blog back :)

  4. I'd like to swap for the "staring at stars" dress! Does anything here interest you?

    Email me at shopzanni[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to go for it!

    P.S. Following! (Saw you on Chictopia!)